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Broken  VHS tape

Recordings from your Damaged or Faulty VHS & Camcorder Video tapes
Snapped, Twisted Video tapes, Broken Cassettes even Mould and Flood damaged videos
Can be brought back to life again !
with our
Video tape Rescue Service
(Video Tape repair and transfer to DVD)

now available for:-
VHS, SVHS, VHSC, SVHSC, video8 ,Hi8, Digital 8 and miniDV
* SD Standard Definition only, not all services are available for digital tapes

How much does it cost ?

Video tape Rescue Service including Transfer to a DVD  £24
for Mould and Flood damaged tapes add  £5
To ensure we achieve the highest quality we normally transfer around 90 minutes to a DVD although this can often be stretched to 2 hours
For video tapes with recordings longer than 2 hours the recording is split over 2 DVDs (double disc set)
additional costs apply

You can also order additional copies made at the same time as your DVD for just £5 each

3 additional copies from the same DVD for £10 with our 3 for 2 Special Offer

An Mpeg2 digital file made from your rescued recording copied on to a PC-DVD data disc £5

Postage from only £2.95 for the entire order

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What does the Video tape Rescue Service include ?

  • Your video tape is striped down cleaned and inspected, repair / rescue work is carried out or the tape spools are placed into a replacement cassette housing.
  • Up to 2 hours of rescued recording is captured to a digital file and transferred to a high quality (UK PAL) DVD. 
  • Your DVD will be set up to start playing automatically, no need to find the remote, no advertising or splash screen just your rescued video.
  • Chapter points are incorporated at around 5 min intervals, allowing you to be able to jump forward or backwards easily.
  • The DVD is supplied in a full size DVD case including an insert with your title clearly printed on the front and spine.
  • Your DVD disc is also printed with your title directly on the disc ( We don't use stick on labels )
  • Split postage, for increased security of your special video recordings, we post out your DVD(s) first and it's only when we have received confirmation that the DVDs have arrived safely and all is OK, that we will either return your original video tapes or recycle / dispose of them locally for you, depending on the option you have chosen.
  • The turnaround time is normally 10 working days or less.


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(21) Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Yellow Star Reviews  4.9 of 5  Video tape Rescue Service  

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accidentally dropped my video camera out of the 20th floor of an apartment block and it smashed to pieces, of course. DVDedit expertly recovered the video media from thMiniDV tape which was badly damaged from the fall and at an unbelievably good price. This is a great service and I cannot recommend it enough.


Very helpful and pleasant to deal with - very quick turnaround would highly recommend

Excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend.

I was impressed with the fast service and would certainly use this company again and recommend it to others. I was kept informed by email of the progress of my job.

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